Filling Out Covid-19 Safety Protocols
  • SwingSubs are more likely to sign up for a request when information about COVID-19 safety measures is provided by the school/district.
  • Use our in-platform feature to check off the safety protocols that your school/district is following, and use the text boxes to provide additional information.
  • You'll have the opportunity to complete or update information for just your school or all schools in your district when you post a new request or by following this link. 
  • This safety information is displayed to SwingSubs when viewing and accepting requests. 
  • We expect schools and districts to follow all safety protocols displayed in accordance with our Terms of Service. If there is a protocol you cannot check off, please leave additional information in the text box provided as to why.

How to fill out Safety Protocols for your school or district:

  • You can view/edit your school/district's safety protocols through this link or when posting a request for an on-campus sub
  • Press 'Edit' to begin filling out your school's information


  • For protocols that your school/district does not follow, do not check it off and use the text box to explain the circumstances
  • To update information for just your school, click 'Update for this school'
  • To update information for all schools in your school district, click 'Update for all schools'