Distance Learning Code of Conduct


This is a Distance Learning Code of Conduct. Listed below are our top distance learning requirements to ensure that teaching remotely will run smoothly. We want to make sure our teachers and schools are set up for success prior to your distance learning assignment. Please read the statement carefully and acknowledge that you will be held accountable to the below requirements.


1. I will gather information from the school in advance -- on the distance learning platforms used, the log in credentials and the admin contact information.


Tip: The admin’s contact information will be included in the assignment details or emailed to you. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions.


2. I am proficient in the tools required for distance learning, and if I am not, I will complete Swing’s Distance Learning training or read through the presentation before my first distance learning assignment. If a school provides training and/or other resources, I will be sure to watch the training videos and read all assignment details.

Tip: We strongly encourage practicing using the platform ahead of time so that you feel comfortable the first day you teach.

3. I have a reliable computer with a working camera and microphone, as well as reliable internet access. I will show my face on camera. I will make sure to charge the computer that I will be using and have the charger readily accessible. I will make attempts to minimize background noise and/or distractions.

Tip: Keep your laptop plugged in while teaching. We recommend logging in 10 minutes early to get the classroom set up.

4. I will follow the sub plans from the classroom teacher, which may include taking attendance, keeping students on task and managing the classroom. If sub plans aren’t provided, I will create my own plans.

Tip: The school will communicate any important information in the request details or via email. 

5. If shadowing another teacher is required for my long term assignment, I agree to go through the shadowing training.


Thank you for completing our Distance Learning Code of Conduct.

If you’re interested in learning more about our distance learning recommendations, please click here to read through our extended checklist. This checklist breaks down recommendations into three categories: Before Class, During Class and After Class.