How to add your preferences for sub requests

SwingSubs will now have the ability to select what requests they prefer on the platform. By setting up your preferences, you will get notified earlier of any new sub-requests from your:

  • Favorite Schools
  • Preferred School Type 
  • Preferred Commute Time
  • Preferred Request Length (Single Day or Multiday)
  • Or whether you prefer requests that require a substitute teaching credential


Note: This feature is coming to the Swing app in the upcoming new year! 

How to Access Your Preferences on Your Swing Account

1. Click on your profile and click account settings in the sub menu:


2. Then select "Preferences" in the Account Settings on the left side of the screen:


From here, you should see an overview of preferences options including the schools who have favorited and options for the types of requests you can select to get notified earlier for:


Overview of How to Favorite Schools in Your Preferences: 

Getting requests from your favorite schools is fast with 3 simple steps:

  • Click on the "Add favorites" search under the Favorite Schools
  • And search for the school you wish to favorite 
  • Add your favorite school to your Swing account 

How To Search and Favorite Schools (Step-by-Step)

Search for Schools 

You can search for the school and favorite it by clicking on the heart button next to the school. The heart should go from white to pink to indicate you favorited the school.


When searching, three of the most recent schools that you worked for will show up in the suggestions drop-down when you search. 


You will also see how many times you worked at this particular school highlighted above each school name. This can help you remember the schools you most recently and frequently worked for in case you can't remember the school's name. 

How Your Favorited Schools Show in Your Preferences:

Your favorited schools should be highlighted in your Favorite Schools tab as shown here:


Three of your favorite schools will show on your dashboard at all times. You can expand to see all the other schools you have favorited by clicking on the blue link labeled "Manage All Favorites."

How Do I Unfavorite a School?

To unfavorite a school from your favorites, just click on the heart button. It will turn from pink to white to indicate that the school is no longer a favorite.

Find the Request You Want by Adding Your Preferences:

You can now select requests you wish to receive priority notifications for by choosing your preferences in the "Request Preferences" section. 


You can update your preferences to include:

  1. School Types: Elementary, Middle, and High School
  2. Max drive time (Only available if you put your full address in the location settings) 
  3. Request Length: Single-Day or Multi-Day
  4. And Permit Requirement: (Credentialed Required or Not)

NoteThis will not impact your filters when browsing requests in the "Open Requests" tab. You will instead get notified of your preferred types of requests earlier either via text or your Swing app notifications.

How to Adjust Your Preferences

1) Select Your Preferences by Check-marking the Requests You Would Prefer


2) Once You're Done, Click "Save" to Save your Request Preferences:


You can also press the "Undo" button to undo any new changes you made to your preferences.

Once that's done you should see now get earlier notifications for the requests that reflect your preferences. Please note you will still receive notifications for other requests that aren't listed in your preferences. 


What If I Have Any Other Questions Regarding My Preferences?

Please feel free to reach out to Swing Support for any questions you may have! You can reach out to Swing Support via the live chat or by messaging Swing's help center at for assistance.