California TB Test Requirement

Two of the requirements to be a substitute teacher with Swing are a TB test and a LiveScan background check

TB Test Requirement:

You can complete the TB test requirement in one of two ways, online or in-person. We recommend trying online first.


  • Note: If you do not pass the online risk assessment then you will need to receive a follow-up TB skin test. You can follow the "in-person" steps below to receive a TB skin test.


  • If you haven’t had a TB test recently and did not pass the online risk assessment, we recommend doing a TB skin test. You can complete a skin test at WellnessMart or through your local clinic/provider. If you get your skin test at WellnessMart, the results will automatically be sent to Swing. If you get it completed with another provider, please upload a copy of the negative results to your profile.

It generally takes 2-3 days for TB tests to be read by a physician. 

Note: If you are not able to successfully complete the TB requirement via risk assessment or skin test, contact us and we will walk you through the next steps. 


  • Can I do my TB test and LiveScan background check at the same time at Wellnessmart?
    • Yes! You can definitely do both at the same time. 
  • How do I check to see if Swing has received my TB test results?
    • We will email you as soon as we update our records. You can log into our platform at to check on your status.