How To Use Google Maps To Always Arrive On Time

Being stuck in traffic and knowing that you are going to be late for an assignment is not a good feeling. Although traffic can feel unpredictable, Google Maps allows you to predict the time you would need to leave your location in order for you to arrive at your future assignment on time. You will need to use a computer to use this method.

1. Go to

2. Enter your destination and select the location with the right address.  (We will use Los Angeles County Office of Education for an example.)


3. Click on the blue circle with the white diamond and blue arrow that is above the word "Directions"


4. Enter your home or where you will be leaving from that day. For this example, we will be using a WellnessMart location (a place where you can get TB tests and LiveScans)


5. Click on the arrow next to "Leave Now" and in the drop-down menu, choose "Arrive by."


6. Put in the date and time of your assignment. 


7. You can also choose to look up routes and times for public transportation by clicking the bus symbol.


8. Choose the route or public transportation option that shows the fastest time or the route you would want to take. 



  • This tells you the time that you would have to leave to have the greatest chance of arriving on time.  We recommend leaving 10-15 minutes earlier than that time to account for any unexpected delays, major accidents, and parking. 
  • It is also recommended that you check this when you wake up before an assignment because it will update the time you should leave if unscheduled construction or a major accident has already occurred.
  • Note that green means there usually is no traffic at that time, orange means there is usually moderate traffic at that time, and red means there is heavy traffic at that time.  
  • When you accept an assignment, you are able to add the date, time, and location of your assignment to your Google calendar.  Most phones will tell you when it is time to leave and you also can set up a reminder text message.