How to prepare for an assignment


  • "View Details" that can be found on the assignment in the platform, or you can call the school so you know the following before arriving. 
  • Add your assignment to your calendar so you don't accidentally double-book or forget your assignment
    • You can automatically sync your requests to your google calendar.  Click here to find out how
  • Look-up the school’s address and parking directions. Estimate the time needed for travel the day before your assignment, including parking, and by consulting Google Maps.
  • Prepare a “substitute bag” that has supplies and extra worksheets
  • If lesson plans are available in advance, read over them and make notes of any questions you may have or specific actions you need to take during the day
    • if possible, email teacher with any questions
  • Take note of the grade level/ subject matter, and conduct research on the following:
  • Avoid drinking heavily the night before an assignment
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before you sub so you are fresh and alert for your assignment

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