How to prepare for an assignment


We know that going to a new school can cause anxiety, especially when you don't have all the details. We have tried to provide some useful information by having the school provide an "about us" section in their accounts. You can view that information in the "View Details" of the request.

"View Details" can be found on the assignment in the platform, or if they haven't filled it out, we encourage you to email the school so you can ask questions such as: 

    • What is their school dress code?
    • Where to park
    • Where you check-in
    • Lunch expectations
      • Determine if you need to bring your lunch

Note: Every request has a point of contact.  Feel free to call or email this person with your questions. 


More Swing tips:

  • Add your assignment to your calendar by automatically syncing your requests to your google calendar.  Click here to find out how
  • Look-up the school’s address and parking directions. Estimate the time needed for travel the day before your assignment, including parking, and by consulting Google Maps.
  • Prepare a “substitute bag” that has supplies and extra worksheets
  • If lesson plans are available in advance, read over them and make notes of any questions you may have or specific actions you need to take during the day
    • if possible, email the teacher directly with your questions
  • Take note of the grade level/ subject matter, and conduct research on the following: