Your Sub Profile

Completing your Swing profile:

Once you accept an assignment, schools will be able to view your profile in advance. That’s why you’ll want to make sure it looks professional.

What to add to your profile?

  • A professional headshot
  • A bio about yourself
  • Relatable work experience
  • Any qualifications/certifications

Update your substitute profile now:

1. Log in to the Swing website.
2. Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Select "My Profile"
4. Click the blue "edit profile" button to make changes.


Your "About Me" section should include: 

  • A clear headshot photo
  • Your education background
  • Concise and typo-free writing
  • A fun fact on why you enjoy being a substitute

You will need to complete the "Relevant Experience" section with:

  • Your relevant work experience
  • Specific subject and grade-level expertise
  • Applicable dates


Positive Feedback:

Any positive feedback you receive will appear on your profile page. This will help you increase your chances of landing those long term requests, and being requested. If you don't see any, that just means you haven't received any yet. We encourage you to thank the admin at the end of your day to increase the likelihood they will be inclined to leave you positive feedback! 

Swing Experience:

Swing stats are visible to school administrators and include:

  • the number of days you’ve worked as a Swing sub
  • the number of schools where you’ve worked
  • the number of times that you’ve been “preferred,” or requested, by a school.

Private Swing Stats:

These stats are not visible to school administrators and include:

  • the number of times you’ve cancelled a request last minute
  • your overall cancellation rate
  • the number of times you’ve shown up late
  • the number of times you’ve “no-showed” for a request
  • the regions that you are linked to