Substitute Teacher Profiles

A substitute’s profile allows your school to get to know more about each substitute teacher that works at your school!

In addition to relevant education background and work experience, you’ll notice that each profile includes other information that reflects his or her work history with Swing Education. It also includes the substitutes contact information (phone number and email address). 


If a substitute has a substitute permit or specific teaching credential, this will be noted with an icon next to the substitute's photo. The absence of one of these icons indicates that the sub does not have a specific credential on record with Swing.

Star Sub Status:

If a substitute has Star Sub status, it will be noted on his or her profile. In order to earn Star Sub status, the substitute teacher needs to:

  • receive positive feedback from schools
  • demonstrate a high level of professionalism and reliability
  • be requested by schools to fills specific requests
  • be an active substitute teacher who works frequently

Swing Stats:

Swing stats include:

  • the number of days the substitute has worked
  • the number of schools where the substitute has worked
  • the number of times that the substitute has been requested personally by a school.

Most Recent Assignments:

This section includes a list of the five schools where the substitute has most recently worked. You may use this information for reference purposes when choosing a substitute for longer requests.

Below is an example of a substitute profile as seen from the school’s perspective:






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    Jasmine Sanchez

    Is there a way to look into substitute profiles that have not been 1.recently requested 2. Looking at profiles of Subs that have not been to school or 3. have made and request has been answered by sub? If not could links be added. Sometimes I would like to request past subs and but don't know if background fits especially for core classes. I am sure all subs are qualified to teach all subjects but I would like to match up backgrounds if possible.

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