Accepting a Request After the Start Time

You can accept a request after the start time has passed; however you will be automatically added to a waitlist. This prevents you from showing up to a school that no longer needs coverage.

If you accept a request that has already started, follow these steps:

  1. Call the school contact listed on the request to see if they still need a substitute.
  2. If they do, let them know that you’re interested and remind them to choose you off of the waitlist on the request page.
  3. Confirm an arrival time with the school and make sure that you arrive at that time.
  4. If you run into an unexpected delay on your way to the school, call and let them know.
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    John Hudert

    I followed this, but could not reach the contact after multiple calls. (they were probably covering that class)
    I canceled & I am wondering if I have any negative effects from doing so (since it was still technically within the 24 hr cancel policy) and what they are.

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    Gunjan Gupta

    Hi, I went to a school for subbing after they called me. I completed the assignment for the day. However I did not select the assignment in the app. How will I record this assignment and get paid for it?

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