What is a Waitlist?

 How are waitlists used on the Swing platform?

  • When your request is filled, a waitlist is created in case the original substitute becomes unavailable. 
  • Long-term requests utilize waitlists so interested candidates can signup 

Are substitutes selected off the waitlist to fill last-minute requests?

Not automatically. If the original substitute cancels the request within 48 hours of the start time, Swing will notify the pool again.

Are substitutes on the waitlist always available to accept a request?

Not always. Once you select a sub, the sub receives an email and either confirms or declines the request. You will then be notified and have the option to choose another sub from the waitlist if one is available. 

I see several names on a waitlist for a long-term request I posted. How do I know which one is the best candidate for the job?

You can look at each subs profile which includes helpful insight into the subs experience along with contact information for the sub.