What is the Policy for Cancellations?

What is the Policy for Cancellations by Schools?

Administrators: In cases of emergency school closure, Swing Education will waive cancellation fees. However, you must inform us before such cancelation in order to have such fees waived. See also our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs for School Partners.

We understand that substitute teachers (SwingSubs) and schools depend on the commitments they make to each other and that it is an inconvenience when such commitments are broken. That is why we have instituted a cancellation policy that we feel is fair to everyone.


School Partner Cancellations

  • A school can cancel an unfilled Request (a Request not accepted by a SwingSub) at any time without consequence. Any filled Request (Request(s) accepted by a SwingSub) may be canceled up to 24 hours before the start time of that assignment.
  • If a school cancels a filled Request less than 24 hours before the assignment start time, it is considered a “late cancellation” and the school will be charged the full amount for one day of that Request.
  • If a multi-day assignment already has been started, the same rule applies to subsequent dayscanceling at least 24 hours prior to a start time will result in no charge, and canceling less than 24 hours before that start time will result in a charge for the full amount for that day. In addition, if a school changes a request, within 24 hours, that decreases the take-home wages, and the School will owe the original, higher amount for that first day.

Exceptions to the cancellation policy/fees stated above:

  • The school cancels a Request within 30 minutes of a SwingSub filling (accepting) the Request.
  • The school cancels a Request due to negative feedback on the SwingSub from that particular assignment (earlier day(s)). Please cancel the Request and select “Dissatisfied with SwingSub” from the options.
  • Either the school or Swing Education cancels the request due to an emergency school closing. Examples of emergency closures include natural disasters, health or safety threats such as pandemics, shootings or bomb threats, and damage that prevents the use of school facilities such as fire, flood, or other structural damage.  

Cancellations by SwingSubs

  • A SwingSub is allowed to withdraw from a Request up to 24 hours before the start of an assignment, or within 30 minutes of accepting an assignment, both with no explicit consequence (though they are discouraged from doing so).
  • If a SwingSub was confirmed into an assignment (i.e., accepted) for more than 30 minutes and cancels less than 24 hours before the start of that assignment, this is considered a late cancellation by the SwingSub. Swing Education will do its best to find you another SwingSub as soon as possble, and that SwingSub's rating will be negatively impacted (including eventual termination from the Platform for a pattern of such late cancelations).