Using the Swing platform

Watch our Sub Platform Demo Video for a quick demo of how to use the platform!

How do I view requests (jobs)?

  • You can also check the “Show Waitlists?” Box to see filled requests and add yourself to the waitlist. If the sub cancels or the school chooses you,  you will receive notification that you are confirmed to fill the request.



  • To see additional details of a request, click on the "View Details" button and it will open up to share all relevant details.
  • You can also click on the school name to access the school profile and you can click on the “Instructions for this school” link which will take you to information such as parking and arrival information, dress code, emergency protocol, etc.


How do I see requests that I am committed to?

  • To see assignments you’ve signed up for or any other commitments, click on “Show Commitments”Screen_Shot_2019-05-22_at_2_00_56_PM.png

How do I cancel a request?

  • Log in to the Swing platform:  
  • Click on the "Current Commitments" tab and click the row for the assignment you'd like to cancel.
  • A window will pop up. Click the teal "cancel" button, type in your reason for canceling, and click “yes” to confirm. As a reminder, schools are notified every time you sign up and cancel.


How do I edit my profile?

  • Log in to the Swing website:
  • Click your name in the upper right corner and select "My Profile."
  • Click the blue "edit profile" button and provide information about you. Schools do refer to these when selecting substitutes to fill requests, so make sure to include relevant information related to your work experience. 



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    Clarissa Spears

    The platform is not too hard to use once you get your accounts set up properly. The video was the most helpful tool to get to understand how to set up accounts and manipulate the platform with regard to getting on the wait list or canceling an assignment. Sending the video to all new applicants first thing may minimize needs for clarifications on the use of the platform.







































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