Why Don’t I See Any Openings?

With COVID-19  most, if not all, schools around the country are closed for the rest of the school year. We are working hard to add additional ways for our subs to be engaged with our schools. Please keep an eye out for any email communication that may come your way.

Please consider if there are any upcoming holidays/breaks. Most schools will be closed around holidays/breaks, so we always see a decrease in requests being issued. 

        There’s a couple of other reasons you might not see openings:

  • All our current openings are filled. Don’t worry! New requests will come in throughout the day. We are also adding new school partners in all Swing regions, so you should see an increase over time!
  • One of the advantages in working with Swing is that you will get requests from many more schools than if you were just working with one district. You can also ask us to link you to more regions for more schools. You can see your current regions by going to your sub profile!
  • In the meantime, check the “Show Waitlists?” box and you can add yourself to waitlists for assignments that are currently filled. If a sub cancels, you’ll have the opportunity to fill that opening.
  • You may be already committed on days requests are being issued. Click on the "show days I'm working" to see all requests on the platform currently. 
  • Log in on a web browser the assignments go there first.
  • (For California subs) You do not have a permit and all of our current requests are looking for subs with a permit or credential.