Something came up and I can no longer fill a request.  Can I cancel?

We understand that sometimes things happen, and you can't make it to your commitment. You can cancel a request by pressing the "Cancel" button on the request page.


A couple of things to keep in mind about cancellations:

  • You will be penalized for canceling within 24 hours of the request's start time. You will only be allowed a few last-minute cancelations before you start to see less available requests on the platform. 
  • There's no penalty for canceling within 30 minutes of signing up for a request.
  • Schools are counting on you to show up - a cancel (especially last minute) is a big deal for a school to try to cover.  Often times this means teachers (and office admins, principals, etc.) have to scramble to cover. If you cancel too often, Swing will send you a warning email and possibly consider removing you from the platform. 

What if a school cancels my request?

If you’ve signed up for any request for more than 30 minutes, and the school cancels it within 24 hours of the start time you’ll get paid for one day with just a few exceptions: 

  1. You will not receive a payment if the request was canceled due to negative feedback about your performance.
  2. If the school had to close due to an emergency.
  3. Swing's updated Policy as of April 2020: If you are more than 15 minutes late to an assignment and the school cancels the request.