Text Notifications

Why should I enable text notifications?

  • An updated phone number is helpful in case we need to contact you (e.g., if the school cancels a request). Note: you’ll have to confirm a new phone number to receive notifications.

How do I enable text notifications?

  • Add your phone number by clicking the blue edit button. You can find this under your profile page. 
  • Screen_Shot_2019-07-01_at_1_08_22_PM.png
  • You will receive a text from Swing providing you with a verification number. Put that verification number into the box "Enter the code you received". This will confirm your phone number and you will be all set to view and accept assignments!


What type of notifications will I receive?

You will receive text notifications when the following happens:

  • A new request is posted by one of your schools
  • You add yourself to the sub list for a request
  • You are confirmed to fill a request
  • You cancel for a request you’re confirmed to fill
  • A school chooses an alternate sub for a request you’re confirmed to fill

How do I pause my text notifications?

  • Text "STOP" to 79464. Text "YES" to the same number to resume the notifications.  

Why am I not getting notifications for openings that appear on the site?

  • This is normal. When a school submits a request, we start sending out text messages in random order. Currently we can only send 1 text per second, and those texts stop as soon as a sub accepts the request.

Why am I not seeing any texts from Swing?

  • Some phone carriers may block shortcode messages. If you are not getting texts from Swing, we recommend calling your carrier and asking them to unblock 5-digit phone numbers.