How can I turn on/off texts and notifications?

Text notifications

  • Text "STOP" to 79464 to stop text notifications
  • Text "YES" to the same number to resume the notifications

App notifications 

Visit your notification center on your phone to set the notifications to on or off. Learn more about the Swing app here.



Can I have both app notifications and texts?

You cannot have both text and app notifications. You will need to choose which is best for you.  If you disable app notifications, you will not automatically start receiving teaching requests via SMS.  Please contact support and ask them to re-enable SMS notifications.


I downloaded the app on my tablet and now my notifications are going there. What do I do?

If you do not want the notifications routed to your tablet you will need to turn the notifications off in your tablets notification center. This will re-route them back to your phone. 


What type of notifications will I receive?

You will receive notifications when: 

  • A new request is posted by one of your schools
  • You add yourself to the sub waitlist for a request
  • You are confirmed to fill a request
  • You cancel a request you’re confirmed to fill

Do I get different notifications via text than the app?

No. All requests get sent out in random order starting with our top Star Subs. It does not matter the method in which you choose to receive notifications.


Why am I not getting notifications for openings that appear on the site?

This is normal. Requests are posted on the platform for about 2 minutes before they start notifying via text/app notifications. All notifications are sent in random order starting with those who are Rising and Star subs. Currently, we can only send 1 text per second, and those notifications cease as soon as a sub accepts. If the request is available on the platform and you did not get a notification you can still accept the request. 


Why am I not seeing any texts from Swing?

  • Some phone carriers may block 5 digit "shortcode" messages. If you are not getting texts from Swing, we recommend calling your carrier and asking them to unblock 5 digit "shortcode" numbers. 
  • If you downloaded the Swing app, teaching requests will be sent via app notifications. Check the notifications settings on your phone to confirm you have notifications for the Swing app turned on. 
  • If you disable your app notifications, you will not receive any teaching notifications at all. Please contact support so we can re-enable SMS notifications. We don't want you to miss out on teaching opportunities. 
  • Please be aware of any upcoming holidays or summer break which can account for a lack of open requests.