How Will I Get Paid and How Often?

When Should I Expect a Payment Notification?

Payment notifications get sent out by Wednesday to the email you used when signing up with Swing. 

Please note that these payment emails can be sent out earlier depending on processing times or if your bank has an Early Direct Deposit feature. 

How do I set up my payment information?

  • All 1099 SwingSubs are paid through our third-party payment processor, "Tipalti". Please check out Setting Up Your Tipalti Account for a step-by-step guide on setting up your account.
  • All W-2 SwingSubs are paid via ADP. Please see here how to enter your hours on your timesheet. 

How will I get paid and how often?

    • You will be paid weekly by either direct deposit or check. 
      • If you have chosen to be paid by check,  please allow up to 21 days after issuance to receive your check in the mail.
        • If you do not receive it, please reach out to us so we can investigate. 
    • You will be paid by Friday of each week, and that weekly deposit will include payments from any work completed in the prior week. 


Tip: The assignment page of any given request will also show you when you can expect to be paid. The amount shown is for the entire request, (shown below) but you will only be paid one week at a time. 



How can I check the status of my payment?

You will be able to see your Payment History by clicking ‘Payment History’ from the dropdown menu on your Tipalti account. Your payment details, for the previous week, will be available by Wednesday each week. 


My bank has an Early Direct Deposit feature. Why do I not see my payment?

Swing pays on a weekly schedule and payment is processed by Friday of each week. If your bank has an Early Direct Deposit feature, please reach out to them for the timelines and questions on when to expect your payment. 


Or if you are a W-2 please check out ADP: How Often and How Do I Get Paid As a W-2?

Missing a payment? Start here.