Covid Related Fields on Request Page

We’ve removed and relocated some Covid related fields on the request form to make posting requests easier.

These fields include:

Sub and student location fields: We created hybrid and remote requests to respond to the need for virtual learning during the pandemic, but we've seen that schools are almost completely back in-person! Therefore, we're removing these fields. It will be assumed that all requests are for in-person learning unless otherwise specified in the request notes section.

Max number of students and online platforms used: We saw low usage from these fields, so we've decided to remove them from the request page. If you'd like to include this information, you can add it to the request notes.

We've also moved the Covid Protocols section off the request page and onto the school profile. Subs find this information important, so you'll still be able to view and edit your Covid protocols from your school profile. This is also where you will edit your vaccination and testing requirements, though subs will still be able to see those requirements directly on the request page for the time being.