Texas Reimbursement Instructions - TEA Fingerprints

Swing Education is excited to offer the opportunity for TEA Fingerprinting reimbursement to first-time TEA fingerprinted substitutes in Texas! 


Below please find information about qualifying for your reimbursement, and associated instructions for submission and reimbursement. 


How do I know if I qualify for reimbursement?

This offer is only available to those who complete their TEA fingerprints while onboarding with Swing. 

To onboard as a substitute in Texas, you are required to have fingerprints on file with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Some of you might already have fingerprints from previous employment, but others will need to complete this as a part of onboarding with Swing. If you need to complete fingerprints in order to onboard with Swing, we will reimburse those costs. 


Any prints completed before Swing onboarding are not eligible for reimbursement. 


When will I be reimbursed for my fingerprint?

After submitting your receipt, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the requirement after working your first day with Swing. The funds will be added to your first paycheck. Please note that this is only available to those that have completed this requirement during Swing onboarding. 


How do I submit my receipt to be eligible for reimbursement after working my first day?

To submit your receipt for reimbursement, complete this form.


What does the receipt for reimbursement look like? 

The correct receipt should have a “services” heading and state TX – TEA Non-Certified (NC, NE, NS) OR TX-TEA Applicant for Certification OR TX TEA Certified.

Example of a valid TEA receipt: 


How do I check to see if I have fingerprints on file with TEA? 

  1. Log into your Swing account and see what step you are on. If you see Texas Education Agency (TEA) Fingerprint Check at the top of your screen, you are still on the TEA fingerprint check step, and we have not been able to verify your fingerprints (once you submit your information, we verify within 1-3 business days).

  2. You can also reach out to TEA directly through their Help desk to see if they can locate your fingerprints in their system. If they are unable to find your prints, you’ll need to follow the directions to get them done and submit your receipt for reimbursement eligibility. 


How do I complete the fingerprint requirement with TEA? 

The instructions to complete your fingerprint check step are available via an IdentoGO email, which you will receive shortly after completing the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Fingerprint Check module on the platform. If you didn’t receive your IdentoGO instructions, check the tips in this guide to onboarding in Texas. 


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